A service for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria for EU citizens

Service Residence permit in Bulgaria for EU citizens

Consult the information about immigration to Bulgaria on the Internet for a long time, but to be informed about life in Bulgaria is required. To our clients we will provide information about life in Bulgaria and and procedures for renewal of residence permit. We discuss the conditions that are not prejudicial to the rights of our clients.

EU citizens can visit the country and stay without a visa for 90 days. To stay in the country longer than 90 days must obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria. There are three types of residence permit issued to foreigners moving to Bulgaria:

  • Residence Permit in Bulgaria —  Issued from 6 months to one year;
  • Long-Term Residence Permit  — Issued for five years;
  • Permanent Residence Permit —  Issued for an indefinite period of time by.

Applications for residence permit in Bulgaria for three types can be represented only in Bulgaria.

Long-term residence permit in Bulgaria for a period of 5 years can apply for EU Citizens and citizens of Liechtenstein and Switzerland, If they meet the requirements of migration legislation of Bulgaria.

After five years uninterrupted residency in Bulgaria, an application can be made for permanent residence. This entitles the person to the same rights as a Bulgarian citizen, except the right to vote. Foreign nationals who have been married to a Bulgarian citizen or to a foreigner with permanent residence in Bulgaria for five years may also apply for permanent residence.

To make a long-term residence permit to an EU citizen, you need to have grounds specified in the law on foreigners residing in Bulgaria. Commonly this is the most common methods of obtaining residence permits: work in Bulgaria, work on free practice (self-employed person — opened Business in Bulgaria), students, marriage with a Bulgarian citizen. Each of the methods may not be suitable for every person.

Often expensive to create a business or get a job without knowledge of the specifics of the country and without language adaptation. And without certain procedures difficult to start any of the steps in a different country. Our service will help you to prepare a way to stay in Bulgaria with the lowest cost. Write us in the contact form and we will send You a proposal to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria individually according to Your situation.
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Send us a letter asking about the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria. The consultation is free. We will help You to obtain a residence permit quickly and without fixed costs.

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