The immigration service to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria

Immigration service to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria

We provide comprehensive Packages of services for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria, which are associated with the procedures of receiving from the visa D in Bulgaria, to obtain a residence permit in the country. Our customer gets the service with full support from visa issues to obtain personal cards-ID card of Bulgaria. The entire process we provide to independently, all actions are performed on our behalf in the interests of our customers. The applicant will not have to engage in a blind search for housing for rent or to pay for rental housing during the pendency of a visa.

For The Foreign Nationals in the Republic of Bulgaria (non citizens EU) Act provides for three types of residence permits:

  • Residence Permit in Bulgaria (Extended) — with a term of validity from 6 months to one year;
  • Long-term Residence Permit EU — for initial period of five years and option for reneval and the possibility of visiting and living in the EU;
  • Permanent Residence Permit — for an indefinite period of time.

In order to apply for an residence permit the Foreigner should initially obtain a long-stay visa type D (183 days).  The most common grounds for issuance of extended residence permits are:

  • The Foreigner is a trade representative of a foreign company registered with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Obtaining a residence permit on this ground- haven’t regular costs, and have opposed the business immigration. If You don’t have a company which will register the trading representative office in Bulgaria, then our service will provide for Your accreditation in trading representative office foreign company opening or  new the representative office in Bulgaria in existing office foreign company. The extended residence permit can be renewed, if the grounds for its issuance still exist at the time of the renewal. 

The presence of a residence permit in Bulgaria is not obliged to reside in the country. For renewals enough to stay in the country one day a year. You may freely leave and enter the country before the end of this permit.

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We work with each applicant individually and take into account various criteria in the situation, so we offer a service with integrated packet services.

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Send us a letter asking about the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria. The consultation is free. We will help You to obtain a residence permit quickly and without fixed costs.

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