Residence permit in Bulgaria on the ground of a Representative of a Foreign company


Residence permit in Bulgaria on the ground of a representative of a foreign company can receive as the owner of the company, which is registered in another country and the person to whom the head of  the company has granted a power of attorney with the rights to exercise the Executive functions of the registered Trade Representation of the foreign company in Bulgaria.

Representative office of foreign company in Bulgaria entitles accredited representative to receive a residence permit in Bulgaria. Currently the opening of the Trade representation of a foreign company in Bulgaria in the most rapid and least expensive way to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria, in comparison with other countries of the European Union, where it is necessary to pay taxes and to maintain the created legal entity to a profitable level, and thus constantly to bear the costs of accounting.


This is the uniqueness of Bulgaria, because the Trade representation Office is not a legal entity and cannot conduct business, that is, performs the functions of the representation of the interests of a foreign company in Bulgaria, with the purpose: search of business partners, establish international contacts, to promote your company for advertising purposes in the international arena, to comply with the protection of the interests of his organization abroad in various institutions and authorities, conducting exhibitions, and other functions.

You do not need to be the founder of a company or even to be a worker of this company, because the authority of the representative shall be determined on the basis of a notary power of attorney issued by the head of the firm, therefore there is the possibility to obtain the status of representative of already a registered representative, if you do not have your organization.


To obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria as a representative of the foreign company must obtain a visa D in the host country, on the ground of a trade representative of a foreign company under the law on foreign nationals and to visit the country to apply for a residence permit in Bulgaria on the basis of a representative of a foreign company.

required documents for Consulate of Bulgaria for a visa D
  • Completed visa application form;
  • Travel passport with validity of at least 18 months from the date of filing. The signature of the passport holder is required;
  • Copy of passport;
  • Color photo — 3,5/4,5 — 2 pieces. (On a light background, full face must occupy 70-80% of the photograph. The eyes should not be red. The photos are NOT ACCEPTED in glasses with tinted Windows, the photos taken by artisanal or cut from Amateur photos;
  • The decision on entry in the commercial register of the BCCI — copy;
  • A valid certificate issued by the BCCI (expiration not more than one month from the date of issue)- copy;
  • The certificate of registration in the state register of organizations (plastic BULSTAT card, and if it still is not obtained, the extract from the BULSTAT)-copy;
  • Proof of accommodation during their stay in the country — notarial deed of the property or the contract for rental housing-copy;
  • Proof of financial support during their stay in the country (certificate from the Bulgarian Bank of the availability of funds in the account) at the rate of 420 LV x 12 months= 5 040 BGN,or 2 585 Euro;
  • Certificate of no criminal record — (shelf life 6 months) original legalised translation-copy;
  • The insurance policy — the Amount of coverage shall be not less than 30 thousand euros.

Our Assistance Service will register Your company in Bulgaria with Your participation as a representative and send You the documents by Express delivery, after which You will be able to apply for a visa d at the Embassy of Bulgaria. After getting the visa You are entering Bulgaria and you must apply to the migration service for the provision of status of residence permit in Bulgaria, with our help.
A residence permit is subject to annual renewal. Documents for renewal must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the expiration of the residence permit in Bulgaria, this can also be done with our help.

After the trade representative office will be registered, the applicant must submit a set of documents for a visa type D in Bulgarian Consulate in their country of residence. Note that the actual a certificate of representation is valid for 30 days, so no need to delay the filing of documents, expired documents are not accepted and will need to receive and to send You, and that Your additional costs. In addition, when submitting documents to the migration service in Bulgaria – there is a mandatory requirement to provide a valid certificate from the Chamber of Commerce, i.e. with not expired 30 days from the date of receipt.

Address registration for foreigners residing in Bulgaria is required. Within 5 days you must register at the address of residence. This requirement does not apply to those foreigners who live in hotels. The hotel itself is obliged to register and to notify the competent organization. Registration at the address of residence occurs when submitting documents to obtain a residence permit. Your residence address You specified in the statement can be checked from the migration service. Upon receipt of the residence permit You will be issued a personal card where will be the address of Your residence in Bulgaria. If You decide to change residence to a different address, you must obtain a new ID card. For visa D it is also necessary to have housing on the territory of Bulgaria. The presence of which is confirmed by the rental agreement or document of title. We can fully create the conditions for our clients to obtain a visa type D for entry to Bulgaria and further to obtain a residence permit.