The Citizenship of Bulgaria

The citizenship of Bulgaria is regulated by the Constitution and the law on citizenship of Bulgaria. There are several ways to obtain citizenship of Bulgaria, which are established by the law on citizenship of Bulgaria.Obtain citizenship by foreign citizens is possible on the following grounds:

Citizenship by Descent

  • A Bulgarian citizen by descent can become a citizen from whom at least one parent is a Bulgarian citizen;
  • A Bulgarian citizen by origin may be any person who is recognized as a Bulgarian citizen, or whose descent from a citizen of Bulgaria by recognized judicial decision.

By place of birth

  • A Bulgarian citizen by place of birth can become every person born on the territory of Bulgaria, if the person has not received another nationality by origin;
  • Considered to be born on the territory of Bulgaria, the child was found in this territory whose parents are not known.

Citizenship by naturalisation

The person who has no citizenship Bulgaria, can obtain the citizenship of Bulgaria, if the date of filing for citizenship by naturalization:

  1. Is an adult;
  2. Before applying for citizenship, not less than 5 years has a permit for permanent (permanent residence) or long-term residence in Bulgaria;
  3. Not convicted of a deliberate crime by the Bulgarian court and against him there is no criminal case for the offence only if rehabilitated;
  4. Has income or employment which gives you the opportunity to support themselves in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  5. Fluent in Bulgarian language;
  6. Exempt from other citizenship or will be released from other citizenship before receiving Bulgarian citizenship
Does not require a release from current citizenship:
  • Persons — spouses of citizens of Bulgaria (if permanent residence status in 3 years);
  • Citizens of EU countries, member countries of the European Economic space, Switzerland;
  • Citizens of countries with which Bulgaria has concluded agreements on mutual recognition of dual citizenship.
Simplified (expedited) procedure for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship
The person who has no citizenship Bulgaria is an adult and convicted by a Bulgarian court for premeditated crimes and not prosecuted by law for the crime may obtain the citizenship of Bulgaria by naturalization if:
  1.  Has at least 1 year of a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) in Bulgariathe person who has committed investment of over BGN 1 million in the acquisition of shares in Bulgarian companies, government bonds, or invested in a credit organization under a management contract for a period of not less than 5 years, and increased the nominal value of raising the total amount of investment at least up to 2 million BGN;
  2. Has at least 1 year of a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) in Bulgaria — individuals-investors, who commissioned the project after making investments to maintain the minimum threshold for certification of the investor class A.
The person who has no citizenship Bulgaria may acquire citizenship without naturalization conditions, if the person has merits to the Republic. Bulgaria in the public and economic sphere, in science, technology, culture and sports.